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California Wildflower Seeds Mix

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Growing Region:
Full Sun to Partial Shade
Germination Rate:



6" - 60"


Dark Blue Medium Blue Light Blue Dark Purple Medium Purple Light Purple Pink Red Orange Yellow White

Medium Water
Native to US:


Life Form:




Seeding our California Wildflower seeds provides a variety of flowers in your garden that burst with color and sweet scents while attracting biodiversity that helps control destructive pests like mites. Wildflowers also have deep roots ideal for erosion control, a common problem throughout southern California.

And there’s one more significant reason for planting wildflower seeds in California: Bringing their enchanting beauty to your backyard. Most people flock to parks in spring to see California wildflowers in their full bloom but don’t opt for these plants in their garden because of their seasonal nature.

That’s why our California wildflower seeds mix is a practical way to create your own flower-filled garden and achieve colorful results every season. Nature’s Seed provides only premium-quality seed mixes that help you create a lush garden with beautiful blooms — so get started today with our unbeatably gorgeous blend of California Wildflower Mix.

Product Specifications:

Seeding Rate: 0.5 lbs. / 1000 ft²

This Wildflower Mix contains no grasses and no fillers. We recommend partnering this mix with a low-growing grass, like Sheep Fescue. Sheep Fescue is a low-growing bunchgrass that establishes quickly, which will help fill in the gaps between your California Wildflower Mix and create a meadow-like appearance without hiding the beauty of your natural wildflowers. We recommend 1/2 pound of Sheep Fescue for every 2,000 sq ft (1 lb.) of California Wildflower Mix.


Wildflower Seed Product Colors and Mixes


Cosmos Flowers photo


The colors you will see at different times of the year will include blues, purples, reds, yellows, and oranges. The actual composition of the California Wildflower Seed Mix will vary from season to season and from year to year. Still, generally, you will receive a variety of the following wildflowers in this mix:

  • Scarlet flax
  • California poppy
  • African daisy
  • Chinese houses
  • Bachelor button
  • Plains coreopsis
  • Farewell-to-spring
  • California bluebells
  • Arroyo lupine
  • Sundial lupine
  • Red Mexican hat
  • Yellow prairie coneflower
  • Purple coneflower
  • Blanket flower
  • Lance-leaved coreopsis
  • Black-eyed Susan
  • Lewis blue flax
  • Bird’s eye
  • Tidy tips
  • Baby blue eyes

This California wildflower seed mix has been a real favorite for sprucing up the color in areas such as:

  • Open fields
  • Cabin sites
  • Next to walkways
  • Flower gardens
  • Window boxes
  • Hillsides and other sloped areas
  • Any area with partial to full sun exposure and available moisture (through rainfall or irrigation)


The Untamable Beauty of a California Wildflower Mix

Even our seasoned experts cannot describe the incredible beauty of California’s annual wildflowers in words.


Red And Purple Flower Field During Daytime


Consider the several subspecies of Clarkia, for instance, including the flaming red ribbons and farewell-to-spring, mountain garlands, and yellow tarweeds. There are many different hues of verbenas, including white, lavender, yellow, and peach.

Colors and vibrance are probably the biggest strengths of California wildflowers, but these plants also bring many benefits to your garden.


Benefit #1: Wildflowers Attract Natural Biodiversity

Pollinating creatures like bees and butterflies will be drawn to your garden by colorful California flower heads. They support a healthy micro-ecosystem for your garden, pollinate fruit trees, and are unquestionably beautiful to see.


Monarch Butterfly Perched On Orange Flower


Since California wildflowers ensure a profusion of pollen, nectar, leaves, and seeds, you can also count on quickly drawing in several foraging birds.

Your flower garden is greatly enhanced by the birds’ vitality, beauty, and constant activity. They frequently bring incredible seed bundles collected from neighboring gardens or wildlands for new growth in your green oasis.


Benefit #2: Easy to Grow and Low Maintenance

Even without being fed, pruned, or sprayed, a California wildflower garden is almost always perfectly content. When you plant wildflower seeds, you don’t have to worry about mowing the grass and trimming it to make your yard look attractive.

Wildflower seeds require less fertilizer and maintenance and aren’t as susceptible to diseases or pest problems as other plants. Their natural robustness keeps your grass looking greener, lusher, and more vibrant throughout the spring and summer.


Benefit #3: Great for Customizing Your Garden

You can purchase California wildflower seeds that yield the colors and flowers you want in your yard.


Aerial Photography Of Flowers At Daytime


Your wildflower meadow will look romantic after planting purple, blue, and pink flowers. You can achieve more vibrancy and energy from red, yellow, and orange. Alternatively, you might grow colorful perennial wildflowers that come back year after year in all their colorful glory.


Benefit #4: Erosion Control

Wildflowers are famous among our customers because they can help prevent erosion, especially when planted in sloped areas.

Erosion is the displacement of fertile topsoil from heavy winds and rain, which is the norm in most of California. With much of California’s precious topsoil being swept away yearly, you need an erosion control solution, and our California Wildflower Seed Mix can provide just that.


When and How to Plant California Wildflower Seeds

The best time to sow wildflower seeds is in the autumn, between October and November, just before the first rain and before the onset of winter and cold weather.

The autumn rains will aid the seedlings’ germination and establishment. In the winter, seeds will start to sprout, and from early spring until summer, they will bloom to their utmost glory.


Flowers Meadow


Remove weeds, loosen the top inch of soil, level the surface with a garden rake, and sprinkle seeds evenly for optimal results. Apply a thin mist of water after uniformly spreading a layer of peat moss or compost that is 1/8” deep.


Person Showing Green Plant


Water only when necessary until the seedlings are at least 4 inches tall. This could take two to eight weeks. As long as you allow them to set seed in the spring after all the flowers bloom, the flower bulbs will bloom year after year once they are established, bringing color and beauty to your property.


The Nature’s Seed Difference

If you’re looking for wild flower seeds, California Wildseed Mix may be precisely what you need.

That’s because, at Nature’s Seed, we pride ourselves on our professional-grade wildflower seeds and offer a custom-designed California wildflower mix for both coastal areas and Central Valley regions.


Green Plants Beside Brown Wooden Door


We have specially formulated and selected wildflower seeds for this mix appropriate to the area, with a variety of boldly beautiful and delicate blossoms for increased biodiversity. You’ll enjoy both early and late-blooming wildflowers for color throughout the growing season.

Our California Wildflower Seed Mix has been designed with an emphasis on wildflowers and exceptional attention to balanced percentages of annuals and perennials.

Most of the seeds in this mixture were hand-gathered from the wild — before that, they were only sold to professionals and businesses. Now you can have a lovely, distinctive mix of flowers that will give your landscape an authentic look.

Get in touch with us for further details on the California wildflower seed mix or to receive a recommendation for your property.

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