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Rototilling the soil
How to Prepare your Soil for a Fescue Grass Seed Lawn

An important step before planting your fescue grass seeds is to prepare and grade the soil. No soil is perfect, especially the poor-draining, low quality sub-soils usually exposed by new construction. Taking the extra time and effort to improve your soil before seeding your fescue lawn will reduce your water usage and save you money for years to come.


Fescue grass with fertilizer spreader
How to Fertilize Your New Fescue Grass Seed Lawn

In addition to water and sunlight, installing a new lawn from fescue grass seedrequires soil nutrients for good growth. This is true whether you are planting tall fescue grass seeds or short fescue grass seeds. However, not every soil is ideal for providing adequate nutrition for fescue grass seeds, especially the low quality soils that typically surround new construction. Fertilizing at the right time of year is necessary for adding supplemental nutrients to help your fescue grass maintain its optimum health and beauty after it is established.


Grass on a sunny day
Fescue Grass: Seed for Shady Areas

If you have a fescue grass seed lawn, it is important to distinguish whether you it is a Tall fescue grass or a Fine fescue grass, because each will have different requirements. If you are unsure as to how to distinguish between the two, please refer to our grass seed guides.


Chinch bug damaged lawn
How to Manage Hairy Chinch Bugs in Your Fescue Lawn

As a cool-season grass, your tall fescue lawn will grow some in the spring, but will eventually stop growing during the summer. Compared to other cool-season lawns, tall fescue is fairly drought tolerant, thanks to its deep root system. However, it can still fall prey to other summer stresses that will eradication efforts followed by over-seeding with fescue grass seed. One of these potential stresses is the hairy chinch bug.


Fescue grass in part shade by trees
How to Grow Tall Fescue Grass in the Shade

Tall fescue grass is an excellent cool-season variety for a lawn. Its deep root system allows it to be extremely drought tolerant, so you can plant fescue grass seed in soils with poor fertility, and it can tolerate some shade, although it prefers sunny areas. But if you have ever dealt with shaded grass, you’ll know that thinning is almost inevitable. So how do you deal with a shaded tall fescue lawn?


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