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Green lawn in humid Alabama

Alabama Grass Seed

Many people want to have the best yard at an affordable cost. But, the reality is that 31% of Americans don't know how to grow a luscious yard that will stay green. The main reason for the lack of beautiful yards is that most people don't realize you cannot plant just any seed in the soil and expect it to grow.

The key to the greenest Alabama lawns: Grass seed that will thrive in your environment. The best grass seeds for Alabama can handle hot and humid climates with a lot of precipitation.


Alabama Seed Growing Conditions and Characteristics

Alabama is a warm and humid state in the southeast region of the United States. Due to the terrain, precipitation, or temperature, Alabama's climate offers many benefits for growing a healthy lawn.

Alabama has six ecoregions, meaning that there are several different climates and terrains for growing grass.

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Depending on where you live, your optimal grass seed will change. Southern Alabama homeowners experience more humidity and warmer temperatures year-round, whereas the central and northern Alabama gardeners experience cooler temperatures during the winter and less moisture.

Alabama's average rainfall ranges from 52 to 64 inches of rain, depending on where you live. While the northern regions experience less rain throughout the year, you can guarantee at least a few feet of precipitation. Therefore, you must invest in a grass seed capable of withstanding a lot of water and has excellent drainage.

Part of the allure of living in Alabama is the comfortable temperatures throughout the year — with an average of 64℉. For this very reason, many types of grasses excel in the Alabama climate. So, your lawn needs to be ready for hot weather in the summer and cold weather in the winter.

Regardless of which seed interests you for your lawn, you must find one that thrives in Alabama's climate and terrain. But there is more to a good yard than planting the right seed: You need to plant grass seed at the right time.


When to Plant Grass Seed in Alabama

As you search for the best grass seed for your lawn, you need to consider your preferences like maintenance, water, and shade. But before you can plant your chosen seed, you should find out the best time for planting that specific seed.

Alabama is great for warm-season grasses. But, it is also in the transition zone, meaning that both warm and cool-season seeds thrive in the climate at different times of the year. You can also use our Seed Selector tool to discover the two varieties of seeds in your yard: warm and cool-season grasses.

The warm-season grass seeds thrive with warm spring and summer months and humid conditions. As these grass species slowly brown in the colder months, your cool-season grass will populate the yard and keep it looking healthy and vibrant.

The best time for warm-season lawn planting is in the late spring to the early summer. The best time for cool-season planting is in early spring. While you can plant your seeds simultaneously, separating the planting gives each type of grass enough time to root and fortify itself by the time the next round of seeding comes.


Best Types of Grass Seeds for Alabama

Now that you know the best time to plant grass, you must choose the right one. Since you should use both cool and warm seasons, a blend of seeds is the best choice.


Warm Season Grass

Bermuda Grass

Bermuda grass is an excellent choice of grass for southern homeowners. It is highly tolerant of conditions ranging from heat and humidity to high foot traffic. Bermuda grass boasts the traditional medium to dark green color that people love in their yards, and it is incredibly comfortable to the touch.

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One important thing you should know is that Bermuda grass spreads quickly. If you don't manicure and limit the areas you want your grass, it will spread to other locations in your yard. To combat this, you have to treat the unwanted roots with herbicide or pluck the unwanted grass from the area.



Buffalograss is an excellent blend of grass seeds for the southeast region. It is a drought-tolerant grass type, loves the sun, and is soft to the touch. Its drought tolerance is a great asset in the hot summer months because you won't have to worry about your lawn dying in the middle of the year.

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It's important to note that buffalograss is exceptionally slow-growing. Investing in this seed can take up to two years for your grass to fully root and establish itself. Therefore, you want to pair it with another type of grass to help retain soil and limit erosion.


Cool Season Grass

To help combat the colder winter months, planting cool-season grass with your warm-season grass will give you a luscious lawn all year long.


Perennial Ryegrass

Perennial ryegrass is the perfect companion to the previous warm-season grasses. This type of grass grows all over the country and excels in the wintertime. Not only does it germinate quicker than any other grass seed, but it maintains a beautiful lawn in both the sun and shade.

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While perennial ryegrass does require a lot of water, Alabama's humid climate and moist soil create the perfect conditions year-round. Pairing perennial ryegrass with buffalograss helps the latter take its time growing but provides you with an instantly beautiful yard while you wait.



You want the best lawn possible for your home and grow a beautiful yard for you and your family. Therefore, you must find the best lawn grass seeds for your location. Living in Alabama means you have a lot of moisture, warm temperatures, and cool winters.

The best grass seeds for germinating in this environment are Bermuda grass, buffalograss, and perennial ryegrass. But, look no further than Nature’s Seed. We have a library of information and helpful tips to aid you in your lawn care process. So, order your seed from Nature's Seed to invest in the best.

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