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Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

The Best Wyoming Grass Seed

Home to the Thunder Mountain National Grasslands, Wyoming is one of the grassiest states in the great American prairie. While some grasses found in the state might not be considered conventional lawn or pasture grasses, there is a veritable cornucopia of choices and options for the gardener and farmer alike.

The perfect grass will vary by region. More precisely, it will depend on how much water and full sun your property gets throughout the year. However, there are some ideal mixes that you can use, based on where you’re located in the state and the type of soil you have. Here are the basics every Wyoming homeowner should know before planting grass for their lawn or pasture.


Wyoming’s Soil and Growing Characteristics

Wyoming has a unique set of soil and growing conditions that make it a perfect place to grow grass. Forkwood is the main type that was officially established in 1980 after observing the common mixture of prairie and mountainside sediments. This general makeup means Wyoming has a more diverse soil system.


Map of 5 physiographic provinces of Wyoming

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However, it also means that the soil in Wyoming is too diverse to grow the same grass seed everywhere. The forked-root system found in Forkwood flats has been specifically engineered by water runoff and deposition over time, creating deep layers that are well-drained but retain ample moisture: these are the perfect conditions for growing pasture grasses and wildflowers.

Much of the forkwood soil is a combination of clay and lake sediment made up of medium and fine grain particles. By understanding the specific traits of Wyoming’s soil, farmers can use grass seed that is known for rapid germination, results alongside a consistent irrigation system.

It's important to Wyoming’s farmers that they have enough water in the dry season. The climate of this state is mountain-laden highlands with an annual average temperature below 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 Celsius) or desert basins where summertime highs can be over 100°.

Common plant species consist of big sagebrush, western and blue bunch wheatgrass, bluegrass, and needle-and-thread.


When to Plant Grass Seed in Wyoming

Planting grass seed in Wyoming is a tricky business. If you're planting in the fall, then it needs to germinate before the ground can freeze, or else the frost will kill your roots. Seedlings need plenty of water but not much more than usual because they're growing so quickly during this time. 

Springtime is the better option as long as there is no snow left on the ground that could freeze and kill young grass shoots.


Best Grass Seed to Plant On Your Wyoming Property

Here are the most common grass species that can grow on your land in Wyoming:


Smooth Bromegrass

Smooth bromegrass is the best type of grass seed to plant in Wyoming. It's tough, it recovers easily, and it grows quickly where other types of grass seeds would take months before growing at all. This is because smooth bromegrass is low-maintenance which means you get more out of your seed investment.


Crested Wheatgrass

Crested wheatgrass is another grass seed that grows aggressively in Wyoming. It's a great option for anyone who wants to get their property up and running quickly without too much patience required. This grass species has the benefit of thriving without much nutrition, which means it doesn't need fertilizer after planting.


Blue Grama Grass

Blue grama grass is a low-maintenance grass seed that's ideal for your Wyoming property. This means less mowing and less fertilizer — just plant seeds, water regularly during the growing season, and you'll have a healthy lawn in no time!


Fine Fescue

Fine fescues are quick-growing, low-maintenance cool-season grasses that are best for seeding shady patches or large lawns. This turf-type fescue doesn't need fertilization because it thrives in nutrient-poor soils, but make sure you water it regularly to avoid yellowing tips.


Buffalo Grass

Buffalograss grass is a low-maintenance species of grass that's also very dense. It spreads quickly which makes it a perfect choice for large lawns and dry conditions. This type of grass seed needs minimal watering as with many warm-season grasses, but you will need to fertilize it during the first growing season.


Kentucky Bluegrass

Kentucky bluegrass turf is the most common type of warm-season grass seed found in Wyoming. It's best planted during fall, spring, or winter so that it has enough time to grow before the dry season arrives. But this species is high maintenance, as you need to keep mowing it and fertilizing it with a certified fertilizer blend.


Best Grass Seed Mixtures for Wyoming

Best Mixture for Shady Lawns

Shady lawns are a great way to keep your home looking good all year. However, these grasses can't grow everywhere because they have low shade tolerance. This Fine Fescue Blend combines four low-growing fine fescues and tall fescue, plus hard sheep's chewings variety along with creeping red fescue that thrives no matter what climate you live in.


Best Mixture for Dry Lawns

Wheatgrass + Sheep Fescue are a perfect match because they have many benefits when mixed together. In fact, this mixture creates lawns that need much less supplemental watering than other types of grasses do - in some cases not even requiring any at all.


Best Mixture for Dry Pasture

When you grow your own fresh, organic pasture for animals, it is important to have a variety of grasses. Wheatgrass + Alfalfa are two great choices because they both form dark green color pastures with very low maintenance needs.

A dry climate can be tough on pastures, but this unique mix of wheatgrass and alfalfa will keep them thriving in any environment — even when there's little rainfall throughout the year. These drought-tolerant grasses thrive without much attention. Just make sure they get sufficient sunlight throughout their growing season.


Best Mixture for Horse Ranges

A mixture of Meadowbrome+Orchardgrass+Ryegrass+Bluegrass+Alfalfa can help you stay within your budget but also helps out with nutrition and taste. The species included in this mix are able to withstand the snowfall and harsh winter climate typical of Wyoming as well as hot dry summers where grazing will be heavy.

They're nutrient-dense palatable grasses combined with legumes which means there's always something fresh and ready when horses want it. Additionally, the variety in this mixture helps your pasture regrow under the heavy foot traffic of a large herd.



If you live in the state of Wyoming, then chances are your lawn may need a little help. Fortunately, there is a grass seed that will thrive no matter what climate and soil type, so it's perfect for any seeding project.

The Nature’s Seed Seed Selector offers high-quality seeds tailored to meet all projects—including those who want lush green pastures on their property or just need fresh turf. You can choose between many regions and mixes depending upon which one suits your individual situation and budget. Contact Nature’s Seed today to learn more about grass seed mixtures in Wyoming.

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