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Kentucky Bluegrass

Kentucky Bluegrass Seed


Kentucky bluegrass matures into a beautiful, sod-forming turf with a fine texture and blue-green blades that form dense, spreading mats. Regular mowing will help bluegrass become thick, lush and uniform lawns.

Benefits and Characteristics

Kentucky bluegrass seed is better adapted to high foot-traffic and compacted soil. This makes the grass ideal for yards with children and dogs, park areas and sports fields. Bluegrasses have the ability to recover from injury and disturbance due to its spreading rhizomes. Ryizomes are stems that grow horizontally under the soil and then send up another plant. This species has excellent winter hardiness. When properly watered during its growing seasons, bluegrass will grow back and fill-in after freezing, drought and periods of high-traffic.

Soil, Sun and Moisture Factors

Kentucky bluegrass seeds will tolerate limited shade but grow best in full-sun. Some varieties of bluegrass have been bred to be more tolerant of shading, but dense shade is a limiting factor to the vigor of a bluegrass lawn. This species prefers fertile, well-drained soil and consistent moisture for optimal health and beauty. Due to shallow roots, bluegrasses will quickly go dormant if subjected to extended drought or under-watering.

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