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Growing Region:
Full Sun
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1' - 3'


Food Plot
Wildfire Resistant
Erosion Control

Medium Water
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Life Form:


Product Specifications:

Seeding Rate: 2 lbs. / Acre

Distichlis spicata, commonly known as saltgrass, is a perennial grass species found in coastal areas and saline habitats of California; such as salt marshes, estuaries, coastal dunes, and other areas with high salt content in the soil or water. It is particularly common in regions with tidal influence, where it can tolerate occasional flooding by seawater. As you might have guessed, saltgrass has a remarkable tolerance to high levels of salinity in the soil and brackish water.

Saltgrass is a low-growing, tufted grass with fine, narrow, and rigid leaves. The leaves are arranged in two rows (hence the name "Distichlis," which means "two rows" in Greek), giving the appearance of a neat, dense mat.

Saltgrass plays a vital role in stabilizing coastal soils and preventing erosion in salt marsh ecosystems. It also provides habitat and food for various species of wildlife and contributes to the overall health and biodiversity of these delicate environments. In some regions, saltgrass is cultivated as forage for livestock in saline soils, providing a source of feed for animals in areas where other grasses may not grow well due to salt content.

Saltgrass is a pollinator host plant for the white-lined sphinx, wandering skipper, alkali skipper, sachem, orange skipperling, and sandhill skipper.

Scientific Name: Distichlis spicata

Each wildflower seed packet contains approximately 100 seeds.

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