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Purple Needlegrass

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Growing Region:
Full Sun
Germination Rate:



1' - 3'


Water Conservation
Food Plot
Erosion Control

Low Water
Native to US:


Life Form:


Product Specifications:

Seeding Rate: 11 lbs. / Acre

Scientific Name: Stipa pulchra

Stipa pulchra, commonly known as purple needlegrass, is a perennial native to California. It is typically found in the coastal hills, valleys, and mountain ranges, the Sacramento Valley, and parts of the Sierra Nevada foothills, as well as Baja California. Purple needlegrass grows in a wide range of local habitats, including grassland, chaparral, and oak woodland, as well as in clay and serpentine soils. The extensive root system can reach 20 feet deep into the soil, making it incredibly drought-tolerant and fitting for erosion control.

Since 2004, purple needlegrass is the state grass of California due to it being the most widespread native grass, suppressing invasive plant species and supporting native oaks. Its open nodding flower clusters are purple-tinged when young, with a pointed fruit that self-buries. Needle grasses (Stipas) have been a major component of California’s native grasslands. In the garden, this grass is best grown in small patches between chaparral or sage scrub species and mixed with various perennial herbs and annuals.

Purple Needlegrass is a pollinator host plant to the white-lined sphinx, Juba skipper, common ringlet, Nevada skipper, and Uncas skipper.

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