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Pacific Southwest Alpaca/Llama Forage Blend

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Our Pacific Southwest alpaca/llama pasture blend is designed for the dry summers and wet winters found along the West Coast from San Francisco to southern California. This blend contains a selection of grasses and legumes designed to provide nutrient-dense, palatable forage. It also contains a high percentage of soft, leafy grasses that are more compatible with the grazing styles and mouth shapes of alpacas and llamas. Treat your alpacas and llamas to the best whether you’re raising them for their fiber, packing abilities or as a hobby.

This blend produces a pasture that will contain approximately:

• 40% Orchardgrass
• 30% Meadow Brome
• 30% Tall Fescue (endophyte free)

In an effort to help our customers visualize the finished product, note that the percentages listed above are what you can expect the stand to contain once established. For the contents of this seed blend by weight, please contact us to request a digital copy of the seed tag.

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