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Pacific Northwest Dryland Pasture Blend

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Our Pacific Northwest Dryland pasture grass seed is specially developed for the varying climate commonly found along the pacific coast, stretching from Washington down into northern California. This pasture grass is designed for low irrigation, and thrives in the naturally cooler, more humid environment found there. However, if additional water is available, these grasses will grow even faster and more robust than under dryland conditions.

The grasses included in this blend are all excellent for their valuable forage and soil stabilization qualities. They are considered palatable and nutritious for livestock, and would be a good choice for a dryland pasture along the Pacific Northwest coast.

This blend produces a pasture that will contain approximately:

  • 40% Orchardgrass

  • 35% Meadow Brome

  • 15% Tall Fescue (endophyte free)

  • 10% Alfalfa

In an effort to help our customers visualize the finished product, note that the percentages listed above are what you can expect the stand to contain once established. For the contents of this seed blend by weight, please contact us to request a digital copy of the seed tag.

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