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Bermudagrass Seed Blend

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For residents of the southern United States, there are a few ‘must haves’ when considering a lawn grass. It must be tolerant of the frequent drought and limited irrigation conditions. It must be able to thrive in extremely hot summer conditions. It must resist disease and pest influence. And it must be able to recover quickly from heavy traffic, such as dog and foot traffic all the way to football field and golf course use. Luckily we have just the mix.

Our Bermudagrass Seed Blend contains only 100% premium ‘golf-course’ grade Bermudagrass seeds, guaranteeing a medium to dark green lawn or sports turf. Bermudagrass is a warm-season grass, meaning it’s greenest during the summer months while taking longer to green up in the spring time. It's important to note that because of its aggressive spreading habit, Bermudagrass may start creeping into unwanted areas. This can be controlled with regular edging, hand-rouging or by applying an herbicide until the unwanted roots are killed.

Mix Contents:

  • 100% Bermudagrass Seed (4 varieties)

Note that due to legal restrictions, Bermudagrass cannot be shipped to Utah with the exception of Washington County.

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